Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Father O'Flannigan for President

So many things have happened in so few days. Where to begin...hmmmm. I will start at the very ending. That's a very good place to start.

Last night, I came to work and...worked. Okay so that was kind of boring. Anyway, AFTER work I went over to pick up Sweet Boy as we were going to be hanging out and whatnot and everything and all. Well I picked him up at his apartment, made it halfway down Old Canton, and then the phone rang. Not my phone, his phone. So blah blah blah boo boo bee dee dah biddy doo. I don't realy feel like talking about all that. Kind of bores me. I'll jump ahead. So 45 minutes later he comes running back to the car yelling, "Go! Go! Get in the car!" So I did. And he did. And we did. Well, we made it to Little Gay and Father O'Flannigan's apartment. We sat there for a few minutes. Sweet Boy's phone rang again. Rush was waiting to pick him up downstairs. Rush called, he jumped. Good boy, Sweet Boy! So he left.

(Not adding any detail because I was there and that was not the freaky fun part that I wanted to talk about.)

So it was Father O'Flannigan, Bi Sagittarian, Cleptopatra, Little Gay, and yours truly. We sat around talking about random ass shite for awhile. Okay the random ass shite is what I want to talk about. Mainly, I have to write it down, because I never EVER want to forget some of it. I am paraphrasing most of this. General gist is still there.

Father O: Cleptopatra, why do you have to steal shit all the time?

Cleptopatra: I only steal things that I need.

Father O: That reminds me of the question, "Is it okay to steal a loaf of bread if your family is starving?" No, it is not. You should just all die together.

Me: Well, you really shouldn't steal the bread. I mean if you would just wait like a week, the babies will start dying off. Just eat your babies.

Appalled. Laughter. Appalled. Laughter. Appalled. Laughter.

Father O: Oh my God! I am going to run for president. That is going to be my campaign slogan...EAT YOUR BABIES! I am going to reinvent the welfare system. If you have more than two babies, you have to eat your babies back down to two before you are eligible for welfare. Vote Father O'Flannigan. Better economy. Better Welfare System. Eat Your Babies!

Cleptopatra: That is horrible. Stop talking about that. It is making me sick. *giggle*

Father O: I could so eat a damned baby. I bet it'd be like veal, ya know. Especially a baby who isn't walking yet. Hasn't yet built up its little muscles. Oh my god, I want to eat a baby! They'd be so damned tender. Damn, I need a baby. I'll cook that shit right here. I've got my cigarette lighter.

Appalled. Laughter. Appalled. Laughter. Laughter. Laughter. Laughter.

I'll write more after work. That is basically all for now. Oh yea, my car was broken into.