Tuesday, February 03, 2004

Just Talking

Today has been a lazy ass day. Not only have I done absolutely nothing, but I have eaten my weight in oatmeal, cheesedip, hotdogs, and Twinkies (yes it is as appetizing as it sounds). I was supposed to start my "I don't want to become a fat bastard so No More Food For Me!!!" diet plan today. Didn't quite work out. Sat on my rotund ass and played Tony Hawk's Underground for about 6 hours. Damn I am a fat slob.

I need to get in shape for Mr. Military. Not that he minds what shape I am in, but he has pictures of all his ex's all over his apartment and they are all these hardbodied military boys. When I say I am fat, I actually mean I am like a lump of fleshy gelatin. Not fat just Jell-Oey. Why the hell could I not have grown up a jock. Then I would already have the body I am trying to obtain. Guess that is just me being lazy again. I really do not know what to talk about right now.

I'll go and smoke I suppose. I am sure I'll be writing more later in the evening.