Monday, April 12, 2004

Long Time, No Read

So basically, I have had no internet access as, thanks in no small part to yours truly, the internet was disconnected at work.'s what is going on. Guapo is no more. More on that later. Went off on the garden gnome pharmacist. I mean OFF! More on that later. Been drunk for basically two weeks straight now. More on that later. Basically, more on everyting later.

Candy and I decided that we are going to go and hang out tomorrow night. When asked what we should do, she said that we should go to the library. I think it'll be great. I am going to act like I am deaf and she will sign to me as I scream in a deaf stooper. Think "stooper" is mispelled. We will be asked to leave then cause a scene due to the discrimination that is being shown to me. It'll be great. We also decided that we are going to get a group of people together and go to the Passion. Sounds boring, but we are going to go as children from the school for the blind. Not only will someone have to be telling us what all actions are going on on screen throughout the entire thing (as we are all blind), but we will also have to have someone reading aloud the subtitles as the movie is in Hebrew or something. It'll be great! What kind of a Christian could live with himself/herself for yelling at a group of blind children trying to enjoy a movie about Jesus?! It is evil of me, I know, but it is still fun. When we are asked to leave, we will stagger around, falling over the other people in the theater, and basically, causing a complete scene while screaming, "You can't keep jesus from me!!" It'll be great.

Anyway, I am off as I am being harassed by the guy that I am not dating just yet.

Later Consuela!

I need more time.