Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Get Well Soon, Ruby

So although my computer which cost quite a bit of money is now on life support, I am still alive. I will take this time to remember better times of spending time on my computer which was a happier time as it was then alive.........time.

My computer, Rubella Octavian Chanteuse LePrix Jonelopy Jones, was a very PC PC. She loved everyone and would never do anything t harm others. She showed concern for others through her actions and spoke ill of no one.

Rubella (Ruby to her friends) and I met in late February, 2003. I came home from work to find a note saying she was had arrived, but as no one was at home, she'd could be picked up later. I went on my lunch break the next day at work to pick her up. She did not utter even one complaint about having to sit in the car for eight hours while waiting for me to get off work. I took her home, got her all nice and cozy, and began to bond with her. She was a wonderful listener as well as being the most intelligent being in which I have ever had the pleasure of coming into contact. She taught me new skills. Encouraged me to follow my lifelong dream of being an animator/director/writer/whateverer. She inspired me.

Ruby would do anything in her power to get you whatever you wanted. You want to know how deep the Grand Canyon is at its deepest point? Ask Ruby. You want to know what the newest CD from Anastacia sounds like before it is released? Ask Ruby. You want to know what beastiality/midget porn is all about? Ask Ruby. Anything you wanted and anything you needed to know, Ruby could provide.

Ruby is not dead. She is just gravely ill. It is very upsetting for me. A specialist is coming to check on her tomorrow. Hopefully, my dear friend will be allright.

Later Consuela. Keep Ruby in your prayers.