Friday, August 27, 2004

What a Novel Idea...More Idea Than Novel Really

To avoid having this blog fall by the wayside like so many other things that I have started over the years (i.e. Mexican turtle rehab center, Everything Asparagus Diner and Carwash, Michael J. Fox bobble-head which was released a little too late and considered in poor taste), I have dug into the deepest darkest pits of the box to pull out some old things I have written over the years. For the next several months, I will continue posting, but most of it will be old things that I had written and kept. Considering I have everything that I have written since the first grade, I have lots of material to pull from.

Why am I doing this instead of just writing new stuff? Well, I have reached a point in my life where I am actually starting to try and be a bit more responsible. I want to actually accomplish at least one of my lifelong goals. I have wanted, as some of you may know, to write a novel for quite some time. I am tired of starting on something and never doing anything with it. I mean, just because I want to write one does not mean that it is just going to appear in front of me already written. As my very southern grandfather used to tell me when I was a kid, "Want in one hand and shit in the other and see which one gets full the fastest." If I don't actually do anything about wanting to write a novel, if I just keep wanting it and nothing more, if I keep up this whole perpetuacrastination that I have gotten so used to, I will end up with nothing more than a mound of useless shit in the end. I cannot accept that. That is why I have decided to pour myself into accomplishing at least one novel. Actually sitting down and following thru with at least one goal.

I have started a secondary blog on here that I haven't told anyone about. It is not a public one. No one has read it. No one will read it. It is what I am using to write my novel in. If you want to read it, please, feel free to email me and ask for a link to it. You will be denied your request, but you should still feel free to ask.

I am using old things that I have written because I can type them up on here alot faster than I can type up totally new, fresh ideas. Besides, I am trying to conserve as much creativity as possible for the book. I will, on occassion, write something new, but for the most part you will be seeing what I am going to call One from the Box.

And now, here is One from the Box.
January 29, 1998, 10:13p.m.

Well, I have just returned from a Youth Revival which took place at my church tonight. Every night this week, it was at a different church. Youth groups from Vicksburg, Jackson, Meridian, Brandon, and other cities in Central Mississippi were at the Youth Revival. I go to a Pentecostal church, by the way. I don't, however, agree with some of the beliefs of my religion.

Chances are, you're a Baptist. 99.999% of all students and faculty at Raleigh High School are Baptist, I think. I only brought the Baptist thing up because I'm almost positive that you don't understand the Pentecostal definition of the word "revival".

During our revivals, we have screamers, dancers, runners, shakers, jumpers, and even a few people who just lay there. I know when we have visitors, they have to be scared to death. I won't lie. Sometimes, even I get scared. It's a good show though.

I know that one day I'll be struck down by lightning for saying or writing things like those. I can't help it though.

Our church is very strict and serious. I know I probably make it sound like we hang from the chandeleirs, but really that doesn't happen very often. In fact, it hasn't happened at my church in weeks.

I'll probably be kicked out of school for writing about church. Oh well!

This is a change from my other journal pages, but this is what I felt like writing. Sorry if you've been offended in any way by anything that I've written. Recently, people have taken everything I say literally. "Certain People" would try to grow a cheese tree if I told them it could be done. Therefore, just to be safe, alot of the unbelievable stuff isn't true. However, all of paragraph three is true. Bubye!!!
See how sweet and caring and innocent and shit I used to be. Awww...
And to clear something up, Pentecostal do every mother fuckin' thing I said that they do in that entry. Those are some church going folks. They spend more time in the church house than God does. Now that is just a shame.

Later Consuela.