Monday, November 22, 2004

The Swan is Lactating

So, what do you think of the face lift, boob job, and tummy tuck I gave to the site? Looks much better now. Well, I think it does anyway. I guess that is all that matters.

I got bored at work (when you only have three hours worth of work on a twelve hour shift...), so I decided to give Lactating Powder a make over. I am pleased with it. It is nothing fancy schmancy pants, but it works.

This entry is mainly to explain the list which you see here------------------------>
and also to explain each list's title. Why explain? I don't feel like answering any emails regarding the matter. That's why.

creme de la creme is where I will be placing links to all my favorite cartoons and movies and whatever from the wubulous wide web. I was trying to stick to a cow and dairy theme. This one is pretty self explanatory. If it confuses you, you can't read anyway, so what matter is it to you why I chose the title I did.

flavored milks are other people's blogs that I try to frequent. Because their blogs are still blogs, just with different flavahs.

ice cream films are other Flash animator's or film maker's websites that I am often wasting valuable hours on. Because I couldn't come up with anything else related to both dairy and film. Ice cream film, in case you don't know, is that hard ice layer that appears magically on ice cream if it gets too cold or old. Not sure what causes it actually.

skim and soy are the links to sites dealing with health issues. Too obvious to explain.

milkshake bubbles is a listing of games or game sites that I like. Because it is something you are playing with, duh. Oh God. Who says "duh" anymore?! That is like soooo 1994.

udder stuff is, well, all the other stuff that fit into either multiple catergories or none of them. Again, too obvious to explain.

curdled milk is my blog's archives. Old milk/old entries...obviously.

the cow says, "mooooo!" is to contact me. Obvious, but because I really like to say that. It makes my insides giggle.

So there ya have it. I hope you both still enjoy it. Also hope it is all tidy enough for everyone now. That is all for now, John Wilkes Booth.

Later Consuela.