Thursday, August 19, 2004

Preston's Olympic Coverage of the 2004 Athens Gymnastics and Swimming Competitions...Oh and That Weight Lifting Woman.

I have never appreciated the Olympic games as I do this year. Here are some photos, courtesy of Yahoo, from the games.

South Korea's Kang Mi Suk falls while attempting 275 lbs (125 kg) in the clean and jerk during the women's 152lb (69 kg) event at the Nikaia Olympic Weightlifting Hall during the Summer Olympics in Athens, Thursday Aug. 19, 2004. She sucks a mean kang that Kang Mi Suk. She took time out of her busy South Korean modeling career to compete in the Olympics. WOOHOO! Posted by Hello

Li Ya is from China. She does a pretty cool jump in the air Fame I'm Gonna Live Forever kind of jumpy thing.  Posted by Hello

Ioan Silviu Suciu of Romania was playing on the rings. He knows I like that the most. Mmmmmmmmm......I am moving to Romania. Posted by Hello

Ioan Silviu Suciu of Romania doing his patented "Look ma, no hands" over that single bar thing. Posted by Hello

Ioan Silviu Suciu of Romania being purty on the bar doing a flip around stomach flexed arm muscle showoff type of thing. Posted by Hello

Ioan Silviu Suciu of Romania flipping. Posted by Hello

Marian Dragulescu of Romania on the horse thing twirling around and whatnot. He has frosted tips and perfectly sculpted brows. Posted by Hello

Marian Dragulescu of Romania doing stuff on a bar. Posted by Hello

Amanda Beard, of the United States, swims to a gold medal in the 200-meter breaststroke at the Olympic Aquatic Centre during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Thursday, Aug. 19, 2004 Posted by Hello

From bottom Patrick Murphy, of Australia, Nathaniel O'Brien, of Canada, Matt Welsh, of Australia, Gordan Kozulj, of Croatia, Arkady Vyatchanin of Russia, Tomomi Morita, of Japan, and Aschwin Wildeboer, of Spain, swim in a qualifying heat of the 200-meter backstroke at the Olympic Aquatic Centre during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2004.  Posted by Hello

Aaron Peirsol of the US (top) and Markus Rogan of Austria (bottom) start swimming and stuff. Peirsol won gold but was disqualified for an illegal turn or something. Rogan won gold by default. Posted by Hello

Peter Vanderkaay, left, Michael Phelps, center, and Ryan Lochte, of the U.S. react after winning the 4X200m freestyle relay at the 2004 Olympic Games Tuesday, August 17, 2004 in Athens, Greece. Vanderkaay is the first woman in history to swim for the men's team. Posted by Hello

An appalled Peter Vanderkaay, left, Michael Phelps, center, and Ryan Lochte, right, look on as Klete Keller swims the final leg of the 4 x 200-meter freestyle relay to win the gold medal at the Olympic Aquatic Centre during the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Tuesday, Aug. 17, 2004. Vanderkaay is one scary scary bitch. Posted by Hello

Markus Rogan of Austria jumps into the water to swim and stuff. Posted by Hello

Daniel Gyurta of Hungary (front) and some guy from the US (back)...Mmmmmmmm...Daniel's making me Hungary. Heh heh heh. Posted by Hello

Left to Right: Markus Rogan of Austria and Aaron Peirsol of the US...I want to make little Rogan babies. NN wants to see Peirsol's peirsol. Posted by Hello
This concludes my coverage of the gymnastics and swimming competitions for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Later Consuela.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Is that NN and Tobey or NN and Preston or Tobey and Preston or good bone structure and eyeboogers?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? (By the way, she isn't wearing makeup and neither am I. Not yet anyway. Wait. Me or her? Wait...shit! Now I am confused. Where's my bra?) Posted by Hello

Is that Cheech and Chong or NN and Preston or Fez and Mighty Mouse?!?!?!?!?!?!? Posted by Hello

Is that Preston or Ludacris?!?!?! Posted by Hello

Is that NN and Preston or a young vibrant youthful fetal Sharon and plain old Ozzie?!?! Posted by Hello

Is that Preston or Tobey?! Posted by Hello

Is that Tobey or Preston?!? Posted by Hello

Sunday, August 15, 2004

The Greatest Chicken in the World!!!

I went to my brother's wedding yesterday afternoon. It was pretty nifty actually. Very small wedding. Maybe twenty or thirty people there. Closer to twenty actually. His wife, Alice, wore a beautiful white dress. She didn't want a dress that could only be worn once, so she chose a pretty white nonwedding dress. I honestly do not know why everyone does not do this. It makes more sense to me. With it, she wore her black, knee high go-go boots with the one to two inch stacks. I thought that was the most awesome of the blawsome things to do. She wanted me to wear my six and three quarter inch platform boots, but I knew my mother would have had my knee caps broken. That is one of the many many drawbacks of being "connected." My brother wore a Dr. Seuss One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish necktie with his suit and white ankle socks. He wanted to wear his signature green and navy blue Airwalk 19OZ skateboard shoes circa 1995-1996ish. He borrowed these shoes from me when I was a high school freshman, and they never left his feet. He really wanted to be married in them, but my mother... Oh to be "connected." Seriously, until you have been there, you have no idea.

We went to this restaurant Thursday night to sort of have the families meet one another. I kept calling it Bubba Ho Tep's as I could not remember the name of it. I knew it was something that sounded pretty inbred, white trashy. The restaurant's actual name is Cowboy Jim's Something Something Dee Something Something. I do wish I could remember the name of it. It was surprisingly an excellent restaurant. It had a country theme that was not too overdone. Well, other than the roosters and white bunnies that were running amuck in the restaurant. Oh and then there were the waitresses who all wore daisy duke, short shorts and gun holsters complete with cap guns. And I am not sure, but I think that in the "Rodeo Room" there may have been a mechanical bull. I know that over the toilet in the men's room there was a sign which read, "If you are not a 'longhorn' please stand directly over the toilet." Then there was the hot boy who brought out the food. I caught myself checking him out until I realized that he was maybe fourteen years old. Well, he was probably sixteen. "As long as there is grass on the playing field...," as a pervie good friend of mine always says. Anyway, I am just kidding. I'd never mess with an underaged boy. Once he hits seventeen however... What the hell am I talking about? I am just getting sidetracked with pervie shock treatment tonight. Back to Cowboy Jim's Something Something Dee Something Something.

The building was an old farm house that was built at the bottom of a large hill on the edge of a small lake or maybe a really big pond. Hard to tell. Anyway, there is this enclosed pier that comes off of the back of the building. It stretches about halfway out across the water. We had the pier to ourselves. It may not seem like a great place to have dinner, but it was pretty neato keen. The walls were all just huge sheets of glass. There were white lights all over the building which gave the water around a very beautiful sort of tranquil feel. It was just an usually peaceful atmosphere. Of course, that peace was broken occassionally by the roosters' barking. They sounded more like barks to me. I just had a really good time.

How was the food? Well, I do not know if it was the fact that I've been living on mostly tuna lately or if it was the fact that I had been awake for more than twenty-four hours, but Jesus Christ with a jigsaw!!! Holy wow, that was good chicken. It damn near made me lose my religion. I have been talking about it for, well, since Thursday. It made my panties moist. I got excited and tinkled on muhself. It was Kwanzaa, Rodney Dangerfield's eyes, and sex with midgets all rolled up into one perfectly juicy, perfectly seasoned breast. Mmmmmmmmm..... I am going to write them a letter telling them how perfect it was. It made my life complete.

I spoke tonight with the Dutch Date guy from my shrimp episode. More on that later as there isn't much of anything to report at the moment.

Later Consuela.