Friday, June 18, 2004

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Now Leaving Vegas

The picture below is me. Now you can see who has been writing this crap. Thank you Blogger Hello Photo Instant Messenger/Messager thing!

Last night JT told me to go and buy cigarettes for him as it was one in the morning, he'd worked all day, and he needed to study for a test. This was not a problem as I am not working at the moment (I start on the 28th! Hoorah!). Well, I drove all the way to the gas station, a minute and a half tops, and the gas station guy would not give me the frappin cigarettes. I had forgotten my ID. So I drove ALL the way back to the apartment, parked the car, crossed the lot, went in the building, waited on the elevator, rode the elevator to the eleventh floor, went down the hall, opened the door to the apartment, and found JT sitting in front of the computer masturbating to gay bondage porn. He said, "Well you picked a fine time to get back."

This morning, after getting up for school an hour after he had told me he needed to be up, he frantically whirlwinded thru the apartment trying to get dressed for school. He needed to be up at eight so he could study. (Had he studied more last night and jerked less maybe he would not have had to worry about it. But that is neither here nor there.) Anyway, he yelled about his missing shorts. Then, he yelled about his missing boot. Then, he yelled about his missing cigarettes. Following his yelling at me, he sweetly said, "Bye baby. I love you," and ran out of the bedroom door. A few minutes later, I went to brush my teeth and put in my eyes and whatnot. Who is sitting in front of the computer? JT. What is he doing? Checking his stock portfolio. Well, that or masturbating to some internet porn guy who was also masturbating. Father O'Flannigan who was awake as he had just gotten off work did not notice at first. JT did not seem to mind having an audience. Father O noticed what JT was doing and shouted, "Jesus! You said you needed to use the computer for a minute for something for school!" JT responded, "This is for school. It helps me relax before a test." Saying nothing, I turned around and went back to the bathroom.

I am not at all bothered by the fact that he was masturbating nor by the watching of the porn. However, when one is dating a nympho (which I have just learned is only meant to be used in the description of overly horny women) who chooses to masturbate to porn repeatedly while his undersexed lover is in the other room ready and willing, one takes issue. 'One' being moi. I mean, he knows he could have sex with me whenever he wants, pretty much, but he chooses to masturbate twenty feet away from me to fake naked men. Rejected? I should say so.

Father O'Flannigan says that the magic is gone. It may very well be. I feel like we have gone from the love child of Houdini and Copperfield escaping a straitjacket while flying around above a pit of sharks, broken glass, used heroine needles, and baby shit all while being blindfolded to the Magnificent Bobo pulling a plush rabbit (because he could not afford to buy or train a real one) from a hat at a six year old's birthday party. Where did the magic go? I clapped my hands like crazy but realized that that only works with resurrecting fairies. I tried clicking my heels together but realized that shoes from Payless probably do not hold much magic. If they do, I doubt I would be getting the desired result. I tried Willow's 'towatha towatha danoo danoo' spell but decided that I should leave it alone as I am not into beastiality. I guess that the magic is just...gone. Abracadabra! POOF! Gone! Thanks Magnificent Bobo! Maybe I should try eye of newt or tail of rat. I don't know. Hopefully, it will come back on its own. You know what the proverbial 'they' says, "If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, then it is yours. Unless it just got hungry and came back because it likes your cooking. In which case, it was still never yours, it was just sticking around for the food. And if it doesn't come back, then it was never yours to begin with. Unless it got stuck in traffic and could, therefore, not make it back. Or maybe it ran into an old friend that it hadn't seen in awhile and had to stop and play catch up or something." They say something like that.

I am not saying that I am letting JT go, but maybe I need to just let the 'we just started dating' magic go. Maybe some new magic will show up. Maybe the 'we are no longer in a new relationship but are still happy together' magic will stop by. I obviously care about JT a great deal as he has lost his manners on me several times now, and I have still not gotten rid of him (Lost manners are the equivalent of expelling gas. I just hate the four letter 'f' word that usually is used to describe that action.). Maybe that is the sign of true love. If your lover can say, "I love you," immediately followed by, "Uh OH!" as he loses his manners on your leg then giggles like a twelve year old boy. Probably is. Who knows?

Later Consuela!

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Monday, June 14, 2004

I'm the Scum of the Earth. There! I Admit It! Happy Now?!

Father O'Flannigan hates me. What had happened was, we only have one keycard to get into the building. He has been letting me use it as he works nights. He calls at six in the morning, so I can let him back into the building. I have overslept several times now and have kept him waiting outside for me. This was all bad enough considering he had just gotten off a 12 hour midnight shift. Well, Saturday night, he had to work. I was left with the keycard. JT and I went to the fairy club. My friend, Wobucks, was in town, so I had to go out and see him. I'll talk about that whole thing later. Long story short, I put my phone on silent after Matthew (Refer to Fiddle Dee Dee) called me for the 400th time asking JT and I to come over and kiss/fuck him. At six o'clock, I obviously did not wake up. When I woke up at 7:30 or 8 o'clock, I had 25 or 30 missed calls and this voice message, "It is...6:20. I'm at a FUCKIN' payphone trying to get you to come answer the GODDAMN door, so I can get in. I don't ask you for MUCH. The least you could FUCKIN do is be there when I need you to let me in in the morning when I let you use MY card so you can go do whatever the FUCK you wanna do while you don't even have a goddamn job and I'm working every fuckin day just to make sure rent is paid and I can't even fuckin count on you to let me in the fuckin' door in the morning! Thanks a fuckin' lot Preston!" Obviously, he is pissed. I realize that it is my fault, and I do feel bad about it. I don't know how to make it up though. I doubt I can. Considering how angry he was/is, I am pretty sure that this living situation is about to turn into what he had with Little Gay. I really hate that too.

I start my job this week, I think. The pharmacy people told me that this wait has gotten rediculous. I agree. They are supposed to talk to Human Resources and get me in there by Friday. I hope so. I want to get back to work. It'll be a nice escape with insurance and benefits and a paycheck. I need it right now.

I'll talk about Wobucks later. I can't think about that whole thing right now.

Later Consuela.