Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Merry Whatever

I've had alot on my plate lately. I've been working almost nonstop either at the hospital or on stuff for other websites and my portfolio. I've pretty much been spending every spare moment either Macromedia Flashing my ass off, sculpting my fingers to the nubbin, doing photos of people like the one I did of Zoey (It is on the bottom left here. If interested in commissioning something, email me. I like money.), taking care of the two chinchillas that I have now (Mork and RC or Lenny or "the little one" depending on what I call him at the moment), storyboarding and character designing like crazy, and building the sets and stop-motion puppets for my next big personal project. I've been trying to get the last one off the ground for awhile now, but thanks to a certain someone, I finally have everything I need to actually get started. I desperately want to go to the Savannah College of Art and Design, which is practically impossible to get into, for stop-motion animation. I am now trying to get a portfolio together that is as close to perfect as I am capable, so that with luck, I'll actually make it in. My apartment has gone from an apartment to a studio with a bathroom, bed, and two furry, raisin addicted mascots.

That's pretty much all that I have been doing for the past, almost, two months. I have pretty much no social life other than the two or three visits I get biweekly from random friends and the one or two times I take a break and actually leave this place for cigarettes or a drink. I've not been to Memphis and seen any of them since around September I think. I am going to Memphis for New Year's though. I've been telling them for about six week or so that I am coming up to visit, but always get preoccupied with all the other junk. New Year's weekend I am definitely tearing myself away and heading up to see my second family.

So anyway, I need to get back to painting this damned thing before I decide to quit for the day.

Oh, also I am vegetarian now. Not sure how long I have to live the lifestyle before I can officially say that. I am doing well with it, so I'll assume it is safe to say.

Later Consuela.