Saturday, October 22, 2005

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I'm just kidding. I know that I am. I've just been listening to my future baby momma's song Teary Eyed all night. It is, of course, by that complex muti-talented faux lesbo, Missy Elliott. Boy oh boy do I love her. Hmmmmm.....

So yea. Nothing is going on. I am working on setting up an online shop to sell everything rabid and chinchilla that I can think of. My job is paying me. Well, they have told me that I am being paid to be up in this bitch. They could have fooled me though. I am fuckin broke yet again with a whole bloody week before I am paid again. That is just a shame. Once I have the shop thing all up and running I will put a ginormous flashing neon link in the sidebar. I need to make sure somebody sees it, hell. I'm tired of being a starving artist.

So I need to pack when I get off work, but I'll probably just do the exact same thing I always do. Get naked. Get in bed. Turn on television. Watch Gilmore Girls. I am recently hooked on it again. Why? Well, because it is one of the greatest shows in the known universe. If you disagree, well then just disagree I suppose. I mean, what the hell do I care if you don't like it? I don't like you anyway. Well, normally I don't. You are such a nag.

Pass that Dutch. Pass that Dutch. Everytime I hear this song I think of this. I may be wrong, but I get a feeling that that is not what she means. Actually, it prolly is. She's such a sweet kid that Missy Misdemeanor Elliott. She's going places.

Good lord I have a headache. OH! Father O'Flannigan's puppy will be home today. The puppy's name is Matay or Matae or Meaty. I call him Maitai. I mainly do it because Father O is verging on a nervous breakdown and I have a deathwish.

What the hell was I going to talk about other than my breasts? I forget.

No I don't! No I don't! No I don't! Sorry just remembered. Father O says that I could lose my job over this blog. I know that people have lost their jobs over blogs in the past, but those people were idiots. They spoke the truth. Everyone knows that everything on here is just crap I am making up. This is my extremely loosely based in reality blog. I also have my alterego blog. Then there is the "This is going to be my first book and is pretty much autobiographical other than I switched names of people and Eeyore is not a trannie" blog. Then the "This is not at all based in reality but is, instead, my real first book seriously this time, dammit" blog. I doubt anyone will fire me as it is perfectly clear that none of the carp I write is true. Using the word none loosely as well as the word carp. I have never eaten carp but I think I would like to. I think it is a fish though I am not sure. Maybe I should look that up. Dah, it isn't that important.

Preston for prime minister.

Later Consuela.