Friday, September 16, 2005


So everyone is alright on this end. For the most part, things are back to some semblance of normalcy around here. For those who lost everything, they are either starting to rebuild or planning out the rebuilding of their lives. I saw the Cap'n finally. He is keeping himself together pretty well, though he's one of the strongest people I know. I'm not surprised he is remaining level headed.

I meant to post this, and may very well have via audioblog, but if I have, then just skip this part. My mom told me during the major power outage that her phone was working. Obviously it was. She was on the phone when she told me. Anyway, she told me that while she sat in her dark house, hungry, and verging on heatstroke that the phone rang. She answered, hoping it was one of the several family members that we'd not yet heard from at that time. A voice came over the phone. "Hello! This is Blahdiblah from the Blahdiblah Corporation of America. Yes, I am a recording, but you need to buy what I am selling even though I can;t take the time to have a real, live person call you to sell it." My mom hit zero about 40 million times trying to get an operator. In her words, "Preston, I wanted to talk to a live person. No, I NEEDED to speak to someone. I waited and hit zero sooo many times, because I really REALLY NEEDED to speak to someone! What the hell kind of nerve do they have calling me?! Did they not know what the hell was going on?! Did they REALLY think I was interested in buying their shit anymore than I am under normal circumstances?! Preston, if I could have gotten someone on the phone, I would have cussed them for all they were worth. A sailor could not have cussed them out the way I was going to cuss them! I NEEDED to speak to a real person BADLY!" I love my mom.

Well, my birthday, September fifth, came and went without much notice again this year. Was kind of glad about that. This was not something I wanted to celebrate. That is, I suppose, the only positive thing I can pull from the whole Katrina thing. My Number 1 Boo called me at midnight on my birthday to be the first to wish me a happy birthday. It meant alot coming from her. She always does something for me for my birthday. I tell her not to, but you know. She's the one who was stationed on the coast when the hurricane hit. I love my Meeka Boo. So other than one or two gifts, I made it out of the birthday in one piece. Now, I just feel old. Old, old, old. Looking into retirement villages now.

I started feeling fat again, so I am back on my workout kick. I must say, I am seeing better results this time than I ever have before. They are coming alot faster too. Good thing too. The boys in Austin are hot and only like other hot boys. Don't think I am hot by any means, but I can get as close to room temp as possible. Hoping to maybe even make it to lukewarm. Fingers are crossed.

I started writing again in my book since I took a long ass break from it during a dry spell. Didn't have writer's block, just lazy and uninspired. I'm loving how it is turning out. Now if I can just finish the bitch up and get her published. When I finish it, I'm gonna start a book of short stories. I'm just goingt o convert all my old screenplays and short film ideas into a series of short stories. They'll be weird, but hopefully someone somewhere wil enjoy them.

I'm making the long, treacherous drive out tomorrow to look for an apartment as I have decided to live alone. If I could convince Father O to move with me to Denver, I'd keep a roomie. He really is the only one who has ever made any sense. We work well together I think. We know how to annoy each other, read each other, and stay out of each other's way. Plus, we love each other. He refuses to say it, but I know he loves me. I am his extra chromosomed, broken horned, one winged unicorn with the odd chest growth/deformity. How could he not love that? Just really wish I could convince him to move to Memphis. Oh well. Atlanta will have to be okay with only getting me instead of the two of us. I love Orlando.

Shit it is four o'clock in the morning. I am off to bed.

Later Consuela.