Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Fuck Lemony Snicket!

This is yet another uneventful night at the Preston house. Actually, I am at work, but I may as well live in this trailer (Just to clarify, since that term has confused people in the past, "trailer" refers to any building that I am referring to. Also see "hole". "Let's go to Chris's trailer in the Memphis hole." Now that everyone is on the same page...).

This week, however, has unfortunately not been quite as uneventful. Tommie was fired over some bullshit. Well, not fired, but this is what happened. He had requested off work for the weekend (Friday night thru Monday night) of July fourth waaay back in March. It was approved. Ten minutes before we left work the morning of July first, his first off day, he gave his vacation time request entry thingy to Gary Coleman (not his actual name, but he looks like a supersized Coleman) the night shift supervisor. GC got all pissed because Tommie had gone over his head to have it approved and told Tommie that he had to be here. Blah blah blah hoocha hoocha hoocha. Tommie called in Sunday and Monday night. His shift was covered. There was a big fuh-laffle over the whole thing. Human resources (which apparently is not actually staffed by humans. I checked.) informed a boss who informed a boss flunky who informed a demiboss flunky who informed the demiboss flunky's flunky (who looks like the catfish in Big Fish) who informed Tommie via email that he was not to return to work until further notice. So Tommie got another job working for the place he's been interning at. Is that the correct way to say that? Prolly not. At any rate, my conjoined twin and I have now been seperated. Very upsetting.

Malice (Like the little lost ghetto Peanuts Gang member, huh?) turned in her two weeks notice, so she'll be gone in, well, two weeks or after our next rotation. There are only three techs who work each rotation, so yea. Here I am. All by my lonesome. Yet another sign from *insert deity of choice* that I am to move to Memphis. Oh yea, Malice called in sick for three days this week. I got a feel for the place and what it'll be like working alone. I need a handgun.

I've had the face of a certain younger someone who is not currently single, let-alone in the same state, burned into my mind and driving me crazy all week. Not that it is a bad image mind you. I am just ready to get back up there and see him. I will be in the apartment all weekend by myself. Well, by that I mean, Gay Momma will be here in Jackson, TT D will be moving to Atlanta, and Brooks will be deepsea fishing. So I will be there alone as far as my usual Memphis supervision is concerned. MC Matt is going with me, but has to come back Sunday. I have to stay thru Tuesday, so I can job hunt. Seperate cars...woo bloody hoo... Phene will be around me thinks. The Wonder Twins should be around. Centrum should. Yea basically, all the babies of my gay family will be together without supervision. I can already smell a scandal. OH OH OH!! I do get to see the Bob Dylan exhibit on Saturday, so I am pretty fuckin' stoked about that. Been meaning to see it since May and this is its last weekend. Happiness! Sorry had to find some Dylan to listen to. He is so awesome

I ran into Britrat online the other night. She'll be in Jackson Wednesday thru Friday. We're gonna hang out. Catch up. All that jazz. Oh and today I am supposed to go see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Candice. One of my favorite actors teaming up, yet again, with my favorite director. What could be better?! Well, I have a couple of things that' be a little better to me, but that is neither here nor there. Perhaps somewhere in the middle. Yea definitely in the middle.

I am going to see another friend of mine from high school, Jesse Mae, next Tuesday on my way back from the Memphis hole. It'll be fun and shit.

I am exhausted from a long work week and thinking about this busy busy week I have ahead of me. I have been only taking in protein shakes and turkey for the most part this week. Maybe that is what is wrong with me. That and everything going on and working out like a madman. I gotta make myself look fine before this weekend if I'm gonna get what I want. Not that that should be what it is all based on, but I'd rather have another plus than a strike, ya know. It can't hurt.

One more thing, do you ever look in the mirror and get shocked? I don't mean in a "oh my *insert deity of choice* I want to do naughty things to myself" or in a "oh my *insert deity of choice* do I really look like that" sort of way, but more of a "oh my *insert deity of choice* who is that in the mirror". I have those moments every now and again. Just had one a minute ago. Sometimes, I honestly forget what I look like. When I see my reflection, I have a Dr Sam Beckett Quantum Leap moment. I just stare at my face in awe. Not that I am impressed or upset. It is just a little shocking. It is like I am seeing myself for the first time. This has happened my entire life. I think I have a brain tumor or something. It may be herpes of the brain (thanks Britrat for that term). I'm prolly just a fuckin' ferak (yes ferak not freak).

Later Consuela.