Saturday, July 17, 2004

Ruby will be having surgery on Monday.  This will, I am hoping, save her.  She is still in my prayers.  Keep her in yours.
I have begun playing a game obsessively that is entitled Acrophobia.  Basically you make up meanings for random acronyms and then everyone votes for their favorite one.   The title, CMPN was during a round entitled Cows.  All acronyms were to have to do with cows for that round.  I put Curdled Milkfrom Pointy Nipples.
In other news, Friday morning when I came home from work, I watched what is becoming one of my favorite shows.  It is called Boohbah.  It is sort of like the Teletubbies only more cracked out.  I am really diggin' it.  That is all a side note.  So after watching Boohbah, I went to bed.  This was at around 7:30 am.  I fell asleep at, I assume, around eight.  Around noon, JT got up, took my cell phone, and went into the other room.  He came back to the bedroom and told me that he was going to buy cigarettes and get food.  I told him that I had a pack of cigarettes, so there was no need to go.  (I spare no detail...I am sure you all wish I would. *cough* To make a short story long...*sputter*)  He told me that he was going to get food and asked if I wanted anything as he put his shoes on.  Rather, he said, "Do you want anything? What do you want?"
"Where are you going?"
"Well, what do you want?"
"Well, that depends on where you are going.  I mean, if you are running to Taco Bell, I am not going to tell you I want a hamburger."
"So you want Taco Bell?  Okay, I'll be back with it later."
As I was wide awake at this point I said, "Let me get dressed and I'll come with you."
You would have thought I told him I was about to piss in his mouth by the look he gave me. 
"What do you not want me to go?  Where are you really going JT?  Were you going to take Formica to lunch?"
"Well, I was going to.  All I have is the hundred that I was saving for rent.  I guess I'll have to break it."
I am going to pause for just a second to explain some background reasons for why this pissed me off other than the fact that I am obviously unstable.  JT told me a story about some "trick" that he had had sex with one time at the Natchez Trace.  They were having sex and some coyotes started howling.  He said it was blah blah blah wonderful blah blah bippidy something something boo.  He has told me about what I refer to as the "Is This the One Where You and That Guy Fucked the Wolves?" story.  He tells me about it at least once every week or so.  (The line from that 90's song "Popular" by Nada Surf just popped into my head..."Wash your hair at least once every two weeks!  ONCE every TWO WEEKS!"  Sorry it just jumped into my head.)  Obviously, Formica is that wolf guy.  Although, every time I call them wolves, "THEY were COYOTES!", JT sternly corrects me.  "OOoooOOoooooh!  CoYOteeeeees!  WELL, that makes all the difference in the world!"  So for starters, I was pissed at the fact that he was taking an old fuckbuddy out to lunch and trying to hide it from me.  "Maybe he was hiding it from because he knew that there were no intentions there other than lunch and seeing an old friend that he fucked.  Knowing that you'd get pissed, he decided to not tell you."  SHUT UP!  No one asked you!  Besides, it still does not explain why he was so adamant about me not going.
The other reason I am pissed is that I have been dating JT for almost two months now.  That is right.  DATING!!  Where did we go on our first date?  I will tell you when we have it.  That is right.  We have been 'seeing each other,' to more accurately describe our relationship, for almost two months and we have still not been on a date.  He tried to take me to dinner once when I was bitching about us never going out just the two of us.  It was great too.  Actually, it was great UNTIL his friend called him on my cell phone and JT invited him to join us.  Not that I have anyhting against the guy.  I love...Bernie I'll call death, but I did not want Bernie to be there on what was to be our first date.  Maybe my definition of a 'date' (especially the first) is different than that of everyone else.  Earlier today he said, "Fine, Preston, I'll just sit around the apartment all day from now on and wait on you to get off of work.  I won't hang out with my friends anymore."  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH!!!  I do not mind him hanging out with his friends.  I do not mind him going out to the club when I am working.  Really, I do not mind 90% of the things that he does.  HOWEVER, I do want and NEED to have some time with him when it is just the two of us.  WAIT!!!  I just remembered.  He took me down the Natchez Trace one day about a month ago to show me where he fucked Formica.  We spent the whole day together that day.  Just the two of us and his story of fucking a wolf.  Oh and he showed me that day where he received a handjob from Matthew (Fiddle Dee Dee).  I don't think he REALLY understands the concept of a date or alone time; i.e. "The Night of 48 Pointless Candles".  By the way if any of my references make no sense, I will be using my many hours of paid freetime to try and sort out any confusing bits of my lil Consuela...unless the confusion was intended.
I don't know.  I probably am just completely insane, pigheaded, overly jealous, overly dramatic, and just a bad guy.  JT even told me that I don;t have any friends.  I knew this before he told me, but I don't like having him rub it all in my face, ya know.  I mean, all I have are JT, NN, Father O'Flannigan, and Wobucks (whom I never see and need to remember to write about).  I don't know if I am a very good human.  Hell, I don't too much think I am a very good anything anymore.  I gotta go.  My job beckons.
Later Consuela.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Get Well Soon, Ruby

So although my computer which cost quite a bit of money is now on life support, I am still alive. I will take this time to remember better times of spending time on my computer which was a happier time as it was then alive.........time.

My computer, Rubella Octavian Chanteuse LePrix Jonelopy Jones, was a very PC PC. She loved everyone and would never do anything t harm others. She showed concern for others through her actions and spoke ill of no one.

Rubella (Ruby to her friends) and I met in late February, 2003. I came home from work to find a note saying she was had arrived, but as no one was at home, she'd could be picked up later. I went on my lunch break the next day at work to pick her up. She did not utter even one complaint about having to sit in the car for eight hours while waiting for me to get off work. I took her home, got her all nice and cozy, and began to bond with her. She was a wonderful listener as well as being the most intelligent being in which I have ever had the pleasure of coming into contact. She taught me new skills. Encouraged me to follow my lifelong dream of being an animator/director/writer/whateverer. She inspired me.

Ruby would do anything in her power to get you whatever you wanted. You want to know how deep the Grand Canyon is at its deepest point? Ask Ruby. You want to know what the newest CD from Anastacia sounds like before it is released? Ask Ruby. You want to know what beastiality/midget porn is all about? Ask Ruby. Anything you wanted and anything you needed to know, Ruby could provide.

Ruby is not dead. She is just gravely ill. It is very upsetting for me. A specialist is coming to check on her tomorrow. Hopefully, my dear friend will be allright.

Later Consuela. Keep Ruby in your prayers.