Wednesday, April 06, 2005

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!! (That Translates to "Preston is Happy")

Let me tell you a story. Ahem. Many, many moons ago when I was just a wee little lad, I used to be obsessed with anything and everything on Mississippi ETV which was my PBS station. What can I say? I was a goober then. I am a goober now. Anyway, one thing that I looked forward to every year at Christmas break was the cheap BBC film adaptations of The Chronicles of Narnia. Every year they would play the three or four movies back to back for about a week. I loved it. It was the main reason I waited for Christmas break. The presents were good and all, but I remember how my best friend, Shelby, and I would always go to the school's library and fight over the damned books. Slight unhealthy obsession we had. I still love all of the stories. To me, they pretty much represent my childhood. Maybe I loved them so much because I felt, even then, trapped in such a small town. Nothing ever happened there. The idea of being able to open the door to a wardrobe, step inside, and find yourself in a world full of magic, evil queens, talking animals, epic just did something to me. I still have the Chronicles of Narnia on my bookshelves today. They have followed me for most of my life.

So a little while ago, I went to the Disney website to try and plan a possible trip there for later this year. As soon as I opened the page, I saw a quick flash of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Eyebrow cocked. My head started tilting slightly with a look of, "Quoi?!" I clicked. Is it true? Could it actually be true?! Could what I have been saying for years now FINALLY be happening?!? In case you had not heard and whether you care, Disney is making the first book of The Chronicles of Narnia series into a movie. From what I have seen, they might actually do it justice too. I am excited. Well, that is an understatement. I am friggin ecstatic! MMMmmm...warm fuzzies for all.

Jason and I are doing well. I had a scare earlier tonight, but everything is fine now. He is my sunshine. My Mario Sunshine. He makes me happy whenever we play. Hmmmm...happiness. Everything seems to be looking up for me right now.

OH! Also I got a new job. Well they haven't officially given it to me yet, but I haven't officially applied yet. I called a hospital pharmacy in Hattiesburg to see if they had any tech positions open. The girl on the phone, midnight girl who sounded to be about fifteen (She had to be at least 18 to work there as Mississippi has very strict laws on nudity. Did I mention it is in a nudist colony?), told me to call back at nine and speak to the pharmacy director, Momma Honeymaid. I called, asked about a possible job, and was given a slightly frigid shoulder. She asked if I am nationally certified. I told her I am not. I may as well be certified. You make more money and I already know everything I need to know to be certified. I am certified without the certification. Hypothermic shoulder. She asked about my work experience. Time to shine. I told her how many years I have, that I can make IVs, that I know my way inside and out of the three major med dispense systems used in Mississippi, that I can make pediatric and intraocular injections, and that I kick ass at Italian food. Her shoulder thawed. I was told that a job would be opening soon, but that it is on the midnight shift. I told her that that'd be perfect. So anyway, short story long, she took down my information and would contact me as soon as the job became available. I made it to work Monday, opened my work email, and had an email saying that I need to contact Momma Honeymaid ASAP. This made me very excited. Not only was I about to escape this God awful hellhole of a pharmacy (it was once great, but those bitches Tryann and Jerry have gotten all fucking anal and are trying to have some sort of pseudopower because they aren't getting any), but she put forth the effort to go to the Hell Hospital website, do a search for me, and send me the email. Happy happy joy joy. I go to interview, fill out the application, and possibly accept the job next Tuesday. Then I just have to find a place to stay and run by USM to take care of the last bit of my school stuff. Everything is finally starting to fall into place. Freedom!

I guess that is all.

Later Consuela!