Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Sick of Gays...Help?

Ok, so before I start getting angry emails let me just say that I don't think there's anything wrong with being gay. My college seems to have more gay people than straight people and this semester, I'm finding the "stereotypical" gay male highly irritating. I mean the "Hey Girl," stupid best friend "sissy" wingman type by stereotype. I just want to tell them that I'm not they're "girlfriend" or "boo." I fear however that if I voice my opinions I'll be labelled as a homophobe. What should I do to quell my irritation? - from some guy on Yahoo! Answers.

My response:

Hahaha I shouldn't laugh, but I feel the same way. And I am a guy who is dating guy. It irritates me to the point where I stopped going out to gay bars. Having said that, one of my co-workers is one of the biggest, most overcompensating pigs I have ever met. He is constantly making degrading comments about women. It drives me insane. I just am irritated by anyone who does not seem to have any real personality other than one they feel the need to fake in order to appease the masses. I personally blame Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and every movie of the 80's thru the early 90s starring a man on steroids, drenched in sweat and oil, and holding a giant gun. And for the fake ladies, well, start with Paris Hilton and make your way down the list until you are tired.

The thing is, if you truly are effeminate, by all means let your little light shine. If you are truly a pig and truly feel like women are nothing but objects, well oink oink Wilbur. It just pisses me off to no end when I am around a group of ANY people who are obviously just faking for the masses. It really does.

One major reason is I don't see why anyone would ever want to agree to give us equal rights when we are acting like a bunch of ignorant f*ggots. Is that harsh? Maybe. Does it make it less true? I don't think it does at all. Not saying it is right either. Do you think that if African Americans had actually acted like what society pretended to expect them to act like, watermelon eating, ignorant Sambos, the Civil Rights Movement would have been as successful as it was? No, it wouldn't. By not falling into the trap of what society expected of and forced upon them, by NOT going against who they were as individuals and as a group, and by not simply giving in to the imposed assinine views and shuffling around answering "yessuh" and "nawsuh", but by standing up and acting like a regular group of people who weren't performing monkeys but who truly wanted and deserved to be treated as equals, did they ever get to have those rights (And don't EVEN try to read any racial slurs into any of that because there are none). Until the gay community grows up, gets a voice that has actually cracked thru puberty, and stops volunteering to be this silly, over-the-top, comic relief, Vaudville act, that is meant to be taken lightly, we will never EVER get the same rights. And that pisses me off because I want to, plan to, and deserve to be able to get married.

Having concluded my micro-rant, here's my advice. Remove yourself from the situation. I don't mean switch schools. I mean steer clear of the people who are sliding sheets of paper under your fingernails. Don't be rude. DON'T get violent. Just steer clear. I would advise you to say something, because I feel like issues are best dealt with head on with words, but honestly, I think I know what would happen. You'd be instantly pinged as a homophobe and there'd be a big queen off to see who could try to belittle you the most. Then you'd run the risk of getting into trouble or being made an example of. It is a waste of time and just not worth it. If you think that they would be willing to talk, try talking. I have asked people before why they put on the gay guy stereotype. I was told it is a social thing and a way of fitting in. I look at it as lemmings heading toward a cliff. Eventually, the novelty of it will wear off and you'll want to be taken seriously. Then it is incredibly hard if possible at all.

Sorry this question just struck a nerve and caused me to get out one of my soap boxes. I just wish people could be comfortable enough in their own skin to be their own person without hiding behind an often times socially provided, socially accepted, and wildly inappropriate mask. Not sure if that helps at all other than maybe seeing that there is a gay guy who on some level understands where you are coming from, but there ya go.

Oh, also, I am back.

Later Consuela.

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