Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My Hell is Protected by the Blue and Yellow Make Green Seal

Aaaah wisdom teeth. Sweet, glorious, pointless wisdom teeth. Mine are no longer with me. As of last Thursday, I have been set free of the wisest teeth of them all. They were apparently, according to Dr. Cox, causing me problems. I suppose he should know, but I saw no harm in them. I had considered getting them ripped from my, now blood clotted and aching, gums many times in the past, but found no reason to. He said I should go for it, so I went. I want to be hit by a car that I am driving, fall into a coma, and not wake up again until my mouth is healed. This is mindnumbing. It is causing me to almost breakdown to emotionless sobbing. I am on mepergan and Lortab Plus, but they only make me sleepy. Going crazy am I.

Also, I found a scrotum lump a few weeks ago. Well, it was a knot inside my scrotum. It was like a smaller, bumpy third testicle. Now I get to go see if it is gonna be cancerous. Woo bloody hoo!

On a happier note, I heard from a potential job and am going for an interview next Wednesday at 1:30. I have been leading everyone to believe that I am moving to one city and state when I am actually moving to a completely different location. I want to completely disappear and start over. How often do you get the chance to do that? You know I have to take advantage of it. So to everyone assuming or that I have told I am moving to Rocky Top, you might be a little disappointed/surprised.

My fucking mouth is killing me. Gotta get in bed.

Later Consuela.