Wednesday, January 19, 2005

You've Gotta Fight, for Your Right, to Party
My Cousin is at War

This is my cousin Jason who is stationed in Afghanistan. He is a pretty cool kid. I say kid only because I still picture him as being a fifteen year old boy.Posted by Hello

He is kind of goofy/happy-go-lucky even while overseas. Cute kid, huh? Yea, we only allow attractive people in my family. We are kind of elitists in that way.Posted by Hello

He seems bored or really interested in what he is looking at.Posted by Hello

Oh he is looking at porn. Guess it was interest then.Posted by Hello

He seems completely confused in this one. It is one of my favorites. I am ready for him to get back home. I told him to tell them he is sick and won't be able to make it today, so he should be sent home. Doubt they'll buy it though.Posted by Hello

This is Jason's weapon of mass destruction.Posted by Hello

Jason and his little friend.Posted by Hello

He sees a fly off to his right and is toying with the idea of shooting it. I guess he can do that if he wants to. It is trespassing on a military base. Not exactly sure what the rules are on the subject.Posted by Hello

He chose to shoot the insubordinate fly. Now he is being fussed at by one of his superiors. They just don't understand do they, Jason. They just don't understand.Posted by Hello